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Being Lightweight: Business Design

Posted by: leelefever on July 20, 2008- 5:00pm

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This is the third in a series of posts about Being Lightweight.  The first two were about Working with Clients and Tools We Use.We are lucky to have a product that people like. Our challenge is to experiment and find the best ways to build a business around this product. To be successful we need the business to be profitable, but also work within the life we want to live.We see this process as "business design" and as this series outlines,  being lightweight is a big priority.  Below are a... Continue Reading

Beachcombers and Making the Lightweight Choice

Posted by: leelefever on July 8, 2008- 5:00pm

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I suppose some would say it's downright un-American, but we worked on July 4th and 5th.  It was our choice - a choice that enabled us to take the 7th and 8th and go camping without the hordes of people.  It's something we do often - work when others aren't so we can play without crowds.  It's a choice we make. On this camping trip, we met someone whose attitude reminds us a little of our own.  She runs the tiny "Beachcomber Cafe" at Fort Flagler State Park .  Fort Flagler is situated on the... Continue Reading

Being Lightweight: Tools We Use

Posted by: leelefever on June 9, 2008- 5:00pm

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This is the second in a series of posts about being lightweight.  Our first was focused on working with clients and this installment is all about tools we use. Tools, or the the wrong tools, become a risk when they create unnecessary drag in every day work. Often, we've found ourselves wondering if we're using a sledgehammer to drive a nail.  If so, we look for alternatives.   In being lightweight, we also consider mental and emotional baggage that goes along with tools.  We're often willing... Continue Reading

Assuming Too Much About The Web We See

Posted by: leelefever on May 19, 2008- 5:00pm

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I wouldn't call it disappointment, but rather a dose of reality.  I spent the last week in Las Vegas at the Community 2.0 conference and with my family thereafter.  Coming back, I must say that the trip gave me some much-needed perspective. Let me explain.We work from home.  We make videos, we put them on the Web, people watch them.  We track our views, our Technorati links, our mentions in Twitter, our blog comments. A good percentage of people we see in social situations in Seattle are aware... Continue Reading

Being Lightweight: Working with Clients

Posted by: leelefever on May 10, 2008- 5:00pm

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It's a question we ask each other all the time - what is the most lightweight way we can do this?We are a small company who is trying to do big things. In order to be successful, we need to reduce drag - to remove the processes, bureaucracies and commitments that slow us down and don't pay off.  Today we're kicking off a series of posts called "Being Lightweight" that will relate what lightweight means to us and hopefully help you think differently about how you focus your attention. Working... Continue Reading

Are Spammers Machiavellian?

Posted by: leelefever on April 28, 2008- 5:00pm

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It started with a tweet.  Eddie Codel described Boston's streets as "Kafkaesque."  I found it on Wikipedia (it means disorienting), along with a listing of other name-inspired words. One caught my eye: Machiavellianism. The first line of the Wikipedia entry:Machiavellianism is the term that some social and personality psychologists use to describe a person's tendency to deceive and manipulate others for personal gain.It comes from Nicollo Machiavelli, a Renaissance writer, diplomat, etc. known... Continue Reading

Major Updates to Our Videos (2 Examples)

Posted by: leelefever on April 15, 2008- 5:00pm

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A couple of weeks ago, we announced The Common Craft Store.  It was a pretty soft roll-out, but was a huge moment for us.  Not only did it mark the end of a lot of preparation, but a new business model.  So far, so good.  Plus, the more-ready-for-prime-time Store will soon be coming to an Internet near you. A big part of preparing to open the Store was making new versions of each video in both Windows (.wmv) and Mac (.mov) formats.  This gave us a chance to make improvements across the library... Continue Reading

Our New Adventure: The Common Craft Store

Posted by: leelefever on April 1, 2008- 5:00pm

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As I wrote recently, we've been thinking a lot about Common Craft's future.  In the coming year, Sachi and I want to make even more videos for you - videos that are useful, both on the Web and in the workplace. We've recently created a new resource that will hopefully help us get there.Today we're announcing the roll out of an early version of The Common Craft Store.  It looks like this: The Store is the home for "licensed versions" of our videos.  Licensed versions... Continue Reading

Common Craft - (Nearly) A Year Later

Posted by: leelefever on March 23, 2008- 5:00pm

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It's been almost a year since we published our first paperworks video - RSS in Plain English in April of 2007.  Since that time, we've been watching every comment, every blog post and every email.  We are lucky to have fans like you that have shared our videos and helped us learn so much.It's through watching these conversations that we've been able to see new ways for Common Craft to have a bigger impact in the next year.  We'll be more specific soon, but for now, I'd like to share some big... Continue Reading

Free is the Future

Posted by: leelefever on February 25, 2008- 4:00pm

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Chris Anderson, the author of The Long Tail and editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine,  has moved his focus to "Free".  His article is the cover story of the latest Wired (Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business) and has a book coming out in 2009. I think he's onto something. A couple of quotes: Once a marketing gimmick, free has emerged as a full-fledged economy. Offering free music proved successful for Radiohead, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, and a swarm of other bands on MySpace that... Continue Reading