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Our Secrets Revealed: Behind the Scenes at Common Craft

Posted by: leelefever on November 7, 2012- 9:02am

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A team from the Seattle Channel recently spent a couple of days with us at Common Craft. They interviewed us and filmed every part of our work. This video captures the Common Craft process and philosophy unlike anything else. I think you'll love it. (Email readers can watch it here.) Follow Common Craft or check out The Art of Explanation.

This Week in Love: PEMCO Commercials

Posted by: leelefever on February 3, 2012- 10:07am

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This Week in Love is a series of blog posts where Sachi and I share what we love. Browse the archives and follow @weekinlove on Twitter.    This Week in Love: PEMCO Commercials It's not often that we're prepared to come out and say that we love a series of insurance commercials, but these are near and dear to our hearts. They're commercials for Seattle-based PEMCO Insurance (with DNA Seattle) and part of a campaign called "We're A Little Different. A Lot Like You." Why we love them: Wherever... Continue Reading

BarCamp Seattle is this Weekend! (June 13th & 14th)

Posted by: leelefever on June 9, 2009- 5:00pm

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If you live in or near Seattle, try to make it BarCamp Seattle this weekend.  Common Craft is a sponsor - I'll see you there. What's BarCamp? I suppose you want an explanation in Plain English?  I'll try, but here's the Wikipedia page.  People have gotten tired of the normal conference format.  Speakers on a stage, everyone else quiet. Everyone knows the best stuff happens over lunch or in the hallways.  BarCamp is an event that happens in cities around the world that offers a different, more... Continue Reading

Editors in Brief: Common Craft Article in Seattle Magazine

Posted by: leelefever on May 5, 2009- 5:00pm

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A few months ago, we spent an afternoon with Jamie Friddle, a writer for Seattle Magazine, who was putting together a story on Common Craft. We were so excited. A few weeks later a photographer came to take pictures. As Sachi will tell you, the process added a layer of anxiety to her day over the next few months. What would the article say? What photos would they use? I'm happy to report that the anxiety was all for naught. The 4 page feature appears in the May 2009 issue of Seattle Magazine... Continue Reading

Going to Seattle Mind Camp 5.0

Posted by: leelefever on November 18, 2008- 4:00pm


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After having been out of town for four Seattle MindCamps prior to this one, I'm excited to finally get to attend.  MindCamp, as it's described on the home page, is:  "The self-organizing, digitally minded, entrepreneur-driven, overnight Seattle confab." Essentially, geeks and entrepreneurs get together for 24 hours and learn from each other in a free-form format, like Bar Camp or Foo Camp.  This year it's hosted at the downtown office of Synapse, starting this Saturday morning,... Continue Reading

Amazon Fresh - Now Home Delivering Top Items

Posted by: leelefever on September 7, 2008- 5:00pm


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Living in Seattle, a test-market for Amazon Fresh, we signed up and never looked back. Ordering groceries online and having them delivered within hours makes going to the grocery store seem like such a pain.  With Amazon Fresh, Amazon proved to us they could replace the grocery store experience with home delivered goodness. Just today, Sachi noticed something new and very interesting on the Amazon Fresh website - a new tab appeared pointing us to "Amazon Now."  On the same page is a small... Continue Reading

The Button Every Keyboard Needs

Posted by: leelefever on March 20, 2008- 5:00pm


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Found at Garage Billiards and Bowl in Seattle. 

Having an Old Dog

Posted by: leelefever on January 24, 2008- 4:00pm


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He's 13, his breath smells really bad, he's deaf, he walks like a retired football player, begs with renewed vigor and is increasingly obstinate.  Indeed, the old dog experience is so different than the young dog experience. He's still the same sweet dog, but with new quirks that keep things new, even in old age. He is not the Frisbee catching dog of yesteryear. He is more like Jabba the Hut. A deaf Jabba the Hut with with a better disposition. His deafness is sad and amusing at the same time... Continue Reading

Home for the Holidays (and an off-topic interview)

Posted by: leelefever on December 20, 2007- 4:00pm


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First, we want to wish you and yours good cheer and positive vibes for the Holidays.  It's been an exciting year for us at Common Craft and it couldn't have happened without you.  Your links, your blog entries, your emails to friends all put a spotlight on our work that wouldn't have happened otherwise.  Maybe there is something to this social media thing after all. J Between now and the New Year, we'll be with families on separate coasts and generally unavailable.  If you're looking for an... Continue Reading

Your Neighborhood Needs Instant Journalists

Posted by: leelefever on November 13, 2007- 4:00pm


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Even though the Web makes us all feel like citizens of the world, what matters is often local.  Our neighborhoods and neighbors have a huge impact.  There is a brand-new platform, created by Instivate, a company run by one of our long-time friends and neighbors, that aims to give every neighborhood a site for sharing local news. It's called Instant Journalist. Here's the scenario:  You sign up for Instant Journalist - it has a monthly fee that's linked to the size of the site.  Right off the... Continue Reading