Custom Videos by Common Craft

Work with Lee LeFever, co-founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation, to create an animated video that explains your idea, product, or service.


"Lee LeFever and Common Craft helped us explain Dropbox to millions of people." - Drew Houston, CEO, Dropbox

"This is perfect. It came out exactly as I had hoped it would thanks to your ability to listen to our input and translate that into your well-working format." - Per Hjuler, LEGO



You'll work with Lee to create a 2-3 minute video, animated in Common Craft style.

  • Streamlined production - our lightweight process means you'll have a video in weeks

  • Your video - You'll own the copyright to the video and be free to use it however you like

  • Simple relationship, simple format, simple production, simple pricing

15+ years of experience, 100s of explainer videos, over 50 million views

  • Common Craft pioneered the explainer video genre, starting in 2007

  • Lee's book, The Art of Explanation, is a seminal book on the subject and has been translated into seven languages

  • Lee teaches explanation and video production skills at the Explainer Academy

  • Lee's videos have been viewed over 50 million times online

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Explainer Video Clients

Lee and Common Craft have deep experience in custom video production. We've worked with the most respected brands in the world, including:

  • Intel

  • Microsoft

  • Google

  • LEGO

  • Ford Motors

  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Dropbox

Below is a sample of organizations and video titles:

Read a case study about our work with Dropbox.

What to Expect 

Lee will work on every part of the process and be your main point of contact. Our Process:

  • Discovery - We learn about the subject that needs a better explanation
  • Script - We take the lead on drafting a script for the video
  • Storyboard - We create a storyboard presenting the visuals and script in each scene
  • Production - We animate the visuals and match them to the voice-over to create the final video
  • Post-Production - We can coordinate branding, translations, subtitles, and more if needed.

In most cases, single video projects can be completed within a month depending on the client's attention to the project. 

Next Steps...

We'd love to know more about your plans. Please tell us what you have in mind for your video subject, duration, audience, how you plan to use the video, etc. 

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