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Welcome to Common Craft.

We offer a library of helpful videos that can be used for training in person or online. Much of our videos are available in Spanish. Below is the full list is included.
As a member of Common Craft , have immediate access to the entire library of videos in all available languages ​​for a year.
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Features of membership:

Instant access: a complete library of its own Common Craft videos.
Tools of trade: easily incorporated to display or download videos.
Membership worry: no extra cost functions or views.
Influence: suggest or vote titles of upcoming videos.
Preview: be the first to see and show titles for new videos.
High-quality content: exclusive member resources.
Cell: The Web-based videos can be played on mobile devices.
Note: While this page and the voice of the video are in Spanish, the website of Common Craft is mainly in English.

Then all current titles in Spanish include: