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To learn about our personal history, check out Our Story.

Get to know the people behind Common Craft:

We're Looking Out for You. As an educator, you face a lot of challenges and the biggest may be time. There are simply not enough hours in a day. That’s why we make ready-made videos and visuals called "Cut-outs" that are designed for classroom use. When it comes to introducing new subjects, you can leave the heavy lifting to us.  

Join us. Common Craft is a membership service that used by schools, universities, small business and Fortune 500 companies in over 50 countries. Membership provides instant access to our libraries of videos and Cut-outs. 

Put Video Explanations to Work. Our library of ready-made videos is designed to help you introduce complex subjects in about three minutes. Members can embed videos, download the files, and even use versions with captions. We also invite members to suggest and vote on future titles.

Make Your Projects Remarkable. Common Craft Style Cut-outs are designed for any visual project. Download and use them in presentations, graphics, websites, videos and more. The Cut-outs are provided as .PNG and .EPS vector files. Use them royalty-free for commercial or non-commercial purposes.  See Know-How for ideas on putting them to work.


We're Award-Winning Explainers. Over the years we’ve been honored to be recognized in the Internet and business communities for our ability to make complex subjects easy to understand:

  • 2011 Communicator Excellence Award: International Academy of Visual Arts
  • 2011 Gold Quill, International Association of Business Communicators (with Intel)
  • 2011 Global Equity Organization Award - Best Financial Education (with Intel)
  • 2011 Best-of-the-Best, International Association of Business Communicators (with Intel)
  • 2009 Webby Award Honoree, Best Writing
  • 2008 Webby Award Honoree, Technology Online Film and Video
  • 2008 Merlot Classics Award, Faculty Development


We Want You To Shine

We started making videos in 2007. They have been popular on the Web where they have received over 50 million views and helped introduce the world to Twitter, Google Docs and Dropbox. Along the way, we learned that our videos are, at heart, educational tools. They are used by educators of all types to explain complex subjects, often regarding technology. Since this revelation, we’ve oriented Common Craft around the goal of making videos and products that help educators be rock stars for their students.

"We" Who?

Common Craft is owned and operated by Lee and Sachi LeFever in Seattle, Washington, USA. The company was founded by Lee in 2003. We started making videos in 2007. Our mascot is our dog Maybe, who is a "Bernedoodle" - a  poodle / Bernese mountain dog mix.

You can follow us all on Twitter: @commoncraft

To learn more about our personal history, check out Our Story.