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Lee LeFever is Co-founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation. Since 2007, he has worked with clients like LEGO, Google, Ford, Microsoft, Intel, and Dropbox to explain their products. 

Lee's specialty is developing thoughtful and creative explanations that create aha! moments via text, visuals, and animated explainer videos. If you or your organization need help clarifying and explaining an idea, product, or service, Lee is an expert with an impressive track record.

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Experience and Qualifications:

  • Co-Founder and Creative Director at Common Craft since 2007
  • Author of The Art of Explanation, translated into eight languages
  • Head of the Explainer Academy since 2015
  • Clients include: LEGO, Google, Ford, Microsoft, Intel, and Dropbox
  • Over 50 million online video views


  • Full-service animated videos
  • Presentation strategy and creative direction
  • Marketing and website content development
  • Video script development
  • Custom Diagrams, models, and other visuals

Recent Client: Gap Management

For years, I've tried to convey the benefits of my work to potential clients. Despite decades in marketing and communications, I struggled to tell my own story. Common Craft's short video changed that—now people understand.

~Francis  Waller



From a presentation consulting client:

I came to Lee feeling stuck. I was working on a presentation and struggling to explain my work in a brief and engaging way. Lee listened carefully to my experience, goals, and ideas for the presentation and asked multiple questions. Within a few days, he came back to me with clear talking points that helped me see new opportunities to frame the ideas. Over time, we worked together to turn those talking points into visuals for my presentation. Now, when someone asks, I can explain my work with a few short sentences and even draw a quick diagram on the back of a napkin. Our time together was well with it!  

~ Jake McKee

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