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Payment and Membership

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This is an annual membership.  Can I pay monthly?
At this time memberships are renewable annually.
Do you accept purchase orders?
Certainly! We've provided information here for purchase orders. Contact us with any questions.
Do you have a non-profit discount?
Yes we do! Non-profit (and not-for-profit) orgs receive a discount on annual membership.  Along with organizations like charities and schools, we also consider individual school teachers non-profit.
Does membership pricing change based on usage?
No.  We do not charge for extra views or bandwidth usage, and pricing will not change over the course of the year.
If I buy a membership for my organization, how do others access the library?
Each account has one email address. Many organizations designate a Video Manager who is responsible for sharing the video files, embed codes, and cut-outs with colleagues. Others create a shared account with a common email address and password.
Why do your videos have a watermark?
Common Craft members are typically organizations with professional educators and trainers. By displaying the videos with a watermark or displaying the transcripts, we can give you a way to evaluate the videos before becoming a member and gaining access to the (watermark-free) libraries and other features. The videos do include a small grey copyright note in the lower corner of the last scene, which is not considered a watermark.
Why would I pay for membership if I can watch the videos on your website?
Common Craft videos are designed to be used by professional educators and trainers. A membership license is appropriate for professional use. If you'd like to show the videos to your mom, you're welcome to watch them for free.
I've seen a few of your videos for free on the Web. Why would I pay for them here?
A few of our earliest videos are available outside of this website. These are not for professional use and usually contain advertising for Common Craft. Further, these lower-quality versions cannot be downloaded or embedded. Common Craft membership means professionals have easy access to the complete and growing libraries of videos and cut-outs with tools for downloading and embedding them.
How do members use your videos?
Members use the videos to educate others. Here are two popular ways.

1. Members show the videos in a classroom or workshop setting as a way to introduce a new topic.

2. Members embed the videos on their organization's website and intranet to provide an always-on resource for colleagues and customers.

Can I cancel my membership?
You can set your account so that it will not renew for the next year.  Just click "Account" at the top of your video library page for options.
Can I preview the videos you have in the library?
Our complete ready-made video library is available for evaluation either by video transcript or video sample with watermarks.
Can I display videos on my publicly available website?
Yes. Videos can be displayed on your publicly available website as well as private (login required).
Can I upload Common Craft videos to YouTube or other public video sharing services?
No. While Common Craft members can download Common Craft video files to a computer, these files cannot be uploaded to public video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo. We take this very seriously.

Please note these downloadable files can be placed on internal or password protected sites like Intranets as long as access is limited to the licensed number of employees. See our License Agreement and Policies.

Can I resell Common Craft videos, cut-outs, or videos I make with cut-outs?
No. Videos you make with cut-outs cannot be sold, but they can be used in your business and on your website. Feel free to contact us with any questions and/or license options.
Can I offer Common Craft videos for embed or download, or share a video file or image file?
No, video and image files cannot be distributed. However, you can embed a video on your website, and share the link to your website!
Can I have a custom video for my project?
Yes, Contact us if you are interested in a custom video.
How can I suggest a new video?
Members can suggest and vote on future video titles. This is how we learn what's important to our members.  Please feel free to contact us with ideas.
Are videos available in other languages? Captions?
Yes! Many of our videos are available with voice-overs or captions in eleven languages:  English, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Hungarian, Chinese and Korean.

Also, all videos are available with English captions!

I have the DIY Explainer plan, why do I still see watermarks on the videos or only see the transcripts?
The DIY Explainer plan includes access to the Cut-outs library. For access to the ready-made video library without watermarks, you can upgrade to the Explainer Basic or Explainer Pro plan under "Account".  
What are Cut-outs?
Cut-outs are digital images that can be downloaded from this website. They are like our own brand of Common Craft Style clip-art. They can be used with presentations, documents, videos or anywhere you'd like to add interesting and unique visuals. Common Craft Cut-outs are royalty-free and can be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes. 
Can I make a "Common Craft Style" video with your Cut-outs?
Yes, and you have a couple of options.

1) We recently partnered with GoAnimate, an online tool for creating animated videos.  Our library of Cut-outs are now available inside their system. We offer Common Craft members a 10% discount on GoAnimate membership and free access to the Cut-outs inside GoAnimate (normally a $59 upgrade). Learn more here.

2) You can use our downloadable Cut-outs to make Common Craft style videos. We love to see teachers, trainers, students and organizations make their own videos and presentations. The cut-outs are a useful alternative to clip-art and stock photography. Like our videos, the cut-outs or anything made with them cannot be resold. This means you can make a video with Common Craft Cut-outs to explain your organization's service, for example, but cannot make a video or anything else with the cut-outs and sell it.

How are cut-outs delivered?
Cut-outs are downloaded from this website on an individual basis. Our standard format is .PNG. These versions are available with any Common Craft membership. We also offer the Cut-outs as vector art (.EPS) with the "Editor" membership
Once I download the Cut-outs, do I need to keep my membership?
The membership license is (partly) about use of the Cut-outs, so as long as the Cut-outs are in use, in your video or presentations, or on your website, membership must be kept current.
Will the embeddable Common Craft videos play on my website, Intranet or Learning Management System?
The embeddable players should play on your website. You can test the embeddable video player and download a sample video before you purchase a membership.  This page explains how to test the player.
Will the downloadable video files play in my presentation?
We provide the files in Windows (.wmv) or Apple Quicktime (.mov) formats for download. You can test samples here.
Will your videos play on iPad and iPhone? What about Android and Blackberry?
Yes! When you watch them on commoncraft.com or embed them on your website, the videos will play on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. We do not currently support Blackberry phones.
Do you use DRM on the videos or Cut-outs?
No. We trust you to do the right thing.

Have more questions?  Contact us.