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Your success depends on clear communication 

These courses, by the producers at Common Craft, will help you develop new approaches to communication and animated video production. The courses are online and self-paced so you can log-in to learn on your schedule and device. Enrollment never expires. 


explanation master course imageA course for professionals who are ready for new approaches to clear communication. 

This course is focused on developing the skill of explanation and applying those skills to a wide variety of situations. It is a multi-media experience, with an engaging mix of words, 40+ short animated videos, original hand-drawn visuals, quizzes, exercises, and downloadable guides.  

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How to produce animated videos course imageLearn to create animated videos using common and affordable tools, like presentation software and screen recorders.

This course teaches the six skills of animated video production and provides examples, models, templates, and videos that guide you through the process. From writing scripts to developing storyboards, animating visuals and editing video, will help you become an animated video producer.  

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Free Teachers guide course image

Make video production a classroom activity that focuses on communication and teamwork. 

This free course is for teachers looking for a fun, affordable, and engaging classroom project. It builds on the know-how of teachers who have shared their experience in creating Common Craft Style videos with students.

The course covers every part of the process and focuses on common tools like smartphones to produce the videos. 

Free Course




About Common Craft Courses and Explainer Academy

We developed online courses based on feedback from our members and fans, who were inspired by our videos and saw potential in learning from our experience. We believe deeply in the power of video and developed these courses to show that animated video production has become easier than ever. 

Our courses are hosted at the "Explainer Academy" which is a brand owned and operated by Common Craft. When you enroll in a course, you will see Explainer Academy branding.