For All Visitors:

All Common Craft videos are viewable on this website with an Evaluation Only watermark.
Please feel free to:
  • Link to any video page from your website
  • Share links to the videos on sites like Twitter and Facebook
  • Show the videos to your Mom
For versions that do not have the watermark and are designed for use in Schools and Businesses, become a Common Craft member.

For Common Craft Members:

Your membership makes Common Craft videos easy to use in classrooms, trainings, and on internal networks and the Web.
In addition to displaying videos from your online library (without a watermark), you can also download Common Craft video files for your presentations or private networks like Intranets. We also provide embed codes for easily sharing the videos on websites like blogs, wikis and learning management systems. You should feel confident in using Common Craft videos in most situations.
However, there are a handful of policies that you should understand. 
You *may not*:
  • Upload Common Craft ready-made videos to public video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo
  • Resell Common Craft ready-made videos or Cut-outs, or products/services made with them.
  • Share Common Craft ready-made video/Cut-out files with others, such as offering for download or embedding (outside of the licensed users)
  • Alter Common Craft videos, including translations, without a valid Explainer Editor plan.
You *may*:
  • Upload videos or presentations *you create* with Cut-outs to public video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo - just be sure scenes from ready-made videos are not included.
  • Use Common Craft ready-made videos and Cut-outs on business websites.
  • See our FAQ for more details

All Common Craft policies are outlined in our Licensing Agreement.  Please read it.

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