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Internet Basics Pack

This pack includes entertaining explanations of tools, ideas, and features of the internet. These videos will help anyone build a solid foundation of knowledge about how the web works and how to use it with confidence.

31 Videos in this Pack

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Internet Safety Pack

Now more than ever, using the Internet comes with risks. This video pack will help your audience understand common threats and learn practices for avoiding them. 

11 Videos in this Pack

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What educators say about Common Craft videos...

My company does training for managers and employees across industries. Common Craft videos earn the attention of our audience, provide a break from lectures, and are always fun to discuss afterwards.

Marc Rideout President Corporate Human Resource Solutions, Inc.

I always recommend Common Craft videos to school staff. Students love them because they're relevant, short and present information in memorable chunks.

Hayley Brese Library Media Specialist Arlington ISD

Whether I am teaching students or fellow teachers, Common Craft's clear and concise videos help me reach learners at every level.

Jessica Donaldson Teacher / Professional Development Berkeley County School District

I use Common Craft videos because they are fun and effective visual explanations of tech concepts that are otherwise hard to explain.

BJ McKewon Consultant/Trainer State Library of Iowa

Common Craft videos are well crafted and break down complex ideas into simple, easily digestible nuggets. I use them as jumping points for discussions and meetings.

Dr. Robin Yap Professor George Brown College

Common Craft videos are exceptionally well-done. They are accurate and to-the-point videos around topics of great relevance. I use them as part of an Activating Strategy.

Jane Englert Teacher/Librarian Ephrata High School