Videos for Teaching Internet Safety

Criminals holding devices

Now more than ever, using the Internet comes with risks. The videos in this pack will help your audience understand the threats and learn practices for avoiding them. 

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    Videos in this Pack

    Mobile Safety and Security

    Today, smartphones are likely to contain our most valuable information, like passwords, credit card numbers and more. If criminals steal our mobile devices or access their contents, it could cause serious problems. This video explains best practices to keep your smartphone safe and secure.
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    Common Craft is a member-supported service that produces original educational videos and storytelling visuals called Cut-outs. Learners, educators, and communicators access our content through Common Craft membership. Our specialty is explanation and educating with context and clarity. 

    What are Common Craft videos?

    Common Craft videos are short, animated videos designed to explain an emerging or complicated subject in about three minutes. All videos are produced by Common Craft and meant for ages middle school and up. We've been producing explainer videos since 2007 and have developed a unique and effective approach to education. 

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    Our video library is growing constantly and we currently offer 120

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    Yes. Videos in the library come with an open-captioned version in English.

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    Yes. Under each video in our library, there is a link “More Info + Transcript” that reveals the transcript and major points covered in the video.

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    Lesson Plans are downloadable documents designed to help teachers use our videos in the classroom. Each lesson plan includes learning objectives, discussion questions, Q&A, and links for further reading. Most Common Craft videos include a Lesson Plan. Learn more about Lesson Plans.

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    Yes. We offer online, self-paced courses and live workshops that teach explanation and video production skills at the Explainer Academy.

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    Yes. Learn more about our custom video services.