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A Common Craft Cut-Out is Born!

Posted by: leelefever on January 27, 2014- 11:00am

Topic: Cut-Outs

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I never expected drawing to be a part of my career. Actually, that’s true for a lot of what Common Craft does. I never planned to be a video producer, voice actor, hand model or animator either. But I’m so thankful to have the opportunity.    Perhaps my favorite part of the Common Craft process is creating visuals. We call them Common Craft Style “Cut-outs”, as many of them end up as cut-out pieces of paper on our whiteboard. The Cut-outs are becoming a big part of our future.   A New Kind of... Continue Reading

I Have an Idea for SXSWedu

Posted by: leelefever on August 20, 2013- 11:46am

Topic: Speaking

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Actually, it's not just an idea, it's a whole session about how explanation skills (and technologies) can help educators be more awesome.   Here's the thing - it's not easy to become a speaker at SXSWedu. To do it, I need your VOTES.   You see, when the kind SXSWedu folks review all 700 proposals, they consider audience voting for 30% of their decision.  So, this is my shameless attempt to encourage you to vote for my presentation.  Here's the description of my talk: As an educator, you explain... Continue Reading
A few weeks ago we spoke at Amplify Festival in Australia and one of the most memorable events of the conference was called “BrightSparks”, produced by the indomitable conference organizer Annalie Killian.  A few hundred people crowded into a bar to watch 18 PhD students pitch their ideas for 2.5 minutes each.  Sachi was one of five judges who helped award $5,000 to the winner.   Leading up to this event, we led workshops and spoke about the need for explanation and the goal to increase... Continue Reading

Upcoming Speaking

Posted by: leelefever on April 1, 2013- 11:17am

Topic: Speaking

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Interested in having Lee speak at your event? ======== It's that time of year. Starting in May, I'll be out sharing lots of ideas, stories and tactics focused on the Art of Explanation. I hope to see you at one of these events this spring. STC Technical Communications Summit, May 5-8, Atlanta, GA My session will be on Monday the 6th from 3:30 to 4:30 on The Art of Explanation.  Professional communicators explain ideas every day, but we rarely take a step back and think about the skill of... Continue Reading

Know-How Screencast - Add and Manage Cut-outs in PowerPoint

Posted by: leelefever on March 6, 2013- 9:28am

Topic: Know-How

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This three-minute video demonstrates how to download, insert and manipulate Common Craft Cut-outs in PowerPoint.  Reading this in email?  Watch here.  This video is part of the "Know-How" section of Common Craft, where we share our expertise through guides and other resources. Find more Know-How.

Tools and Resources for Remarkable Explanations

Posted by: leelefever on September 24, 2012- 2:30pm

Topic: Art of Explanation

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Sometimes, words are not enough.  To grab an audience’s attention and make an explanation remarkable, explainers need ways to stand-out, to be interesting. Thankfully there are a growing number of resources that can help explainers turn their ideas into experiences that captivate audiences. I've listed a few below. (Note: I am not affiliated with the services below and receive no compensation from them).   While you're thinking about these resources, consider this... These tools are helpful and... Continue Reading

Help Us Speak at the SXSW Interactive Festival

Posted by: leelefever on August 15, 2012- 3:56pm

Topic: Speaking

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I have a favor to ask. Each year, the technology world convenes in Austin Texas for the South-by-Southwest Interactive Festival (SXSW).  To speak at the conference is an honor and the organizers look to the public to help them decide who should speak.  This year Sachi and I have submitted a presentation and in order to increase our chances of being accepted, we're begging asking nicely for votes for our presentation.  Our talk is all about explanation skills and I think you'll agree that if... Continue Reading

The Common Craft Story - A Presentation at Big Ideas Fest

Posted by: leelefever on May 22, 2012- 12:07pm

Topic: Speaking

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Late last year I was invited to present at an event called Big Ideas Fest, which focuses on change and inspiration related to K-20 education.  My presentation, entitled "Viral to Valuable" was about 15 minutes long and appeared during a track of the conference called "Scale and Spread", which related to scaling and spreading an idea.  If you're interested in the Common Craft story and how we came to focus our business on video as a digital product, etc., I tell the story in this video: To find... Continue Reading

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Posted by: leelefever on October 28, 2011- 10:33am

Topic: Speaking

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I'll be speaking at a couple of awesome educational events in early December.  Here are the details... I'll be one of the Rapid Fire presenters at the Big Ideas Fest at Half Moon Bay, CA, December 4-7. Details from the website: 3 days of innovation and inspiration, 16 Speakers, 4 hands-on Action Collab sessions, and numerous opportunities to network with fellow education mavericks and change agents. All of that, plus an entire Pacific Ocean coastline on which to marvel.   Also, I'll be the... Continue Reading

A Quick Survey for Librarians

Posted by: leelefever on March 11, 2011- 4:00pm

Topic: feedback

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As I posted recently, I'm going to be speaking at the Texas Library Association Conference in April and as a part of my preparation, I'd collecting a bit of info about libraries and librarians. if you are a librarian or work with libraries, could you please take this 4 question, anonymous survey? Thanks!