New Video: Clear Communication in Presentations

I'm sure you've sat through presentations and felt confused and unmotivated. Often, it's not the information, but how it is presented. We want to help by sharing specific steps anyone can take to make their presentations clearer and more understandable.

This video, 114th title, is now available for embedding, downloading, or displaying in the Common Craft video library.

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What it Teaches:

When presenting information, it’s easy to be focused on sharing the right information. The problem is that information isn’t useful unless it is communicated clearly. This video shares useful tips that will help any presentation become more understandable. It teaches:

  • Why your presentation’s mission will increase clarity
  • How to avoid audience confusion
  • Why background and context help your points shine
  • How to organize a presentation using an outline
  • How to use visuals to increase clarity
  • What you can do to prepare for your presentation

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