I Have an Idea for SXSWedu

Vote SXSWeduActually, it's not just an idea, it's a whole session about how explanation skills (and technologies) can help educators be more awesome.  

Here's the thing - it's not easy to become a speaker at SXSWedu. To do it, I need your VOTES.  

You see, when the kind SXSWedu folks review all 700 proposals, they consider audience voting for 30% of their decision.  So, this is my shameless attempt to encourage you to vote for my presentation

Here's the description of my talk:

As an educator, you explain ideas every day. But have you ever considered what makes an explanation work or how to improve your explanations? What if you could help students and staff relate to and understand complex ideas by explaining them more effectively?
Explanation is a skill and in this session, you’ll learn how to package complex ideas into effective explanations that inspire and motivate your students using a few simple principles. You’ll also learn about the emerging, affordable technologies you can use to create, present and share meaningful explanations.
Lee LeFever, founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation will show you how to intrigue and motivate others with remarkable explanations.
Thanks so much for the help and I hope to see you at SXSWedu!