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It's that time of year. Starting in May, I'll be out sharing lots of ideas, stories and tactics focused on the Art of Explanation. I hope to see you at one of these events this spring.

STC Technical Communications Summit, May 5-8, Atlanta, GA

My session will be on Monday the 6th from 3:30 to 4:30 on The Art of Explanation. 

Professional communicators explain ideas every day, but we rarely take a step back and think about the skill of explanation and what it can mean to our audience. Lee LeFever, the author of The Art of Explanation, will help you take a fresh look at what makes explanations work, how to plan an explanation and use media to make your explanations remarkable.
My session at Webvisions will be at 3:30 on Friday May 24th. 
The biggest barrier to people adopting your product or idea may not be design, engineering, price point or UX, but a lack of understanding. If you can’t explain your product or service, or why anyone should care, they won’t be motivated to take the next step.
Attendees will learn battle-tested explanation strategies from Lee LeFever, founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation. He will help you rethink how you communicate complex subjects and learn to solve explanation problems. 
Amplify is "Australia leading platform for discussing business innovation with the world's boldest speakers." Sachi and I will be doing a couple of workshops and I will be speaking about The Art of Explanation and focusing on the potential for organizations to rethink how they explain complex products and services. 
Fireworks Factory is a unique conference put on by our friends at Capulet Communications that's billed as "An invite-only conference for smart Web marketers"  I'll be doing a talk focused on The Art of Explanation and how marketers can prepare for increasing demand for clear, understandable communications and explanations.