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Our new video explains blended learning in under 2.5 minutes. See the highlights below: Watch it now   About this video: This video follows the story of a teacher who discovers blended learning and incorporates it into his teaching. It teaches: A basic definition of blended learning How the Internet has impacted teaching options The role of Learning Management Systems (LMSs) in blended learning How blended learning can change how classroom time is used What factors can ensure success Why... Continue Reading

New Common Craft Video: Online Advertising

Posted by: leelefever on June 19, 2014- 10:01am

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Our new video is all about the models of online advertising. This animation includes highlights: About this video: We see advertising everywhere online. Using an example of a small business, this video explains the major advertising models and how they work to build awareness for a new product.  What it teaches: Why advertising is so important to online commerce. The basics of display and pay-per-click advertising. How text and keyword-based advertising works. Remarketing: Why some ads seem to... Continue Reading