New Video: Mastodon Explained by Common Craft

Mastodon is known as an alternative to Twitter. But that's not the full picture. Mastodon is an example of an emerging class of social media tools that are powered by people instead of companies. This video uses a rich analogy to explain why that matters and what people can expect in using Mastodon.

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We’re used to social networking platforms that are owned and operated by large companies like Twitter. Mastodon is different because it’s not a company that needs to earn a profit. It’s open-source software anyone can use to create an online community that’s self-supported and connected to thousands of other Mastodon communities. This video applies a music festival analogy and teaches:

  • How Mastodon is different from Twitter
  • Why Mastodon has become popular
  • What to expect in using Mastodon
  • How Mastodon users are connected
  • How Mastodon fits into the big picture of decentralization

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Want to Learn More?

I wrote an article called Dear Friend, Let's Talk About Mastodon that explains a lot of the details in the form of a letter to a friend.

I'm on Mastodon

I am using Twitter less and have made Mastodon my home for Twitter-like connections and discussions. In fact, I am a moderator for a small community that's based on our location. My Mastodon account is here: