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dotsub Now With Less Common Craft

Posted by: leelefever on July 28, 2009- 5:00pm

Topic: Twitter

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Well, it was a good run. Twitter recently redesigned their home page and the link to the Common Craft video "Twitter in Plain English" has been removed. Here's the story of how it got there: Back in February of 2008, I shared the video with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. After making a handshake deal, the video appeared via a "watch a video" link from   Twitter decided to use the dotSUB player for the displaying the video, which enabled the video to be watched with subtitles in... Continue Reading

How "Twitter in Plain English" Gained 2.6 Million Views

Posted by: leelefever on February 18, 2009- 4:00pm


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A year ago today, I was writing the script for the video "Twitter in Plain English."  A year later, the video has over 2.6 million views, thanks to a bit of collaboration between a handful of companies. Here's how: We decided to make "Twitter in Plain English" for the same reason we made "RSS in Plain English " - it was a concept with huge potential that needed a better explanation. We wanted people to understand a resource that we value. Twitter, Inc. didn't hire us to create the video and... Continue Reading

Help Translate the Google Docs Video on DotSUB

Posted by: leelefever on September 20, 2007- 5:00pm


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We've been friends and fans of dotSUB since we first started making video for The Common Craft Show.  They make it easy for videos to be translated into multiple languages via subtitles.  The RSS in Plain English video has been translated into 20+ languages on dotSUB. A truly useful and innovative service. I've gotten permission from the Google Docs team to share the Google Docs video on dotSUB so it's acessible for the hearing impaired and our non-English speaking friends. Are you bi-... Continue Reading

Wiki Video in Multiple Languages via DotSub

Posted by: leelefever on May 30, 2007- 5:00pm


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Just after posting our first video on RSS , I learned a few valuable lessons: 1. Video is inaccessible for the hearing impaired 2. Video is not easy to translate into other languages 3. There is a new site that addresses both of these issues called DotSub . DotSub makes it easy for me to transcribe the spoken words into text subtitles. Then, once the subtitles exist, it enables DotSub members to voluntarily translate the text into other languages and post the video to their blogs. This makes... Continue Reading