Help Translate the Google Docs Video on DotSUB

We've been friends and fans of dotSUB since we first started making video for The Common Craft Show.  They make it easy for videos to be translated into multiple languages via subtitles. 

The RSS in Plain English video has been translated into 20+ languages on dotSUB. A truly useful and innovative service.

I've gotten permission from the Google Docs team to share the Google Docs video on dotSUB so it's acessible for the hearing impaired and our non-English speaking friends.

Are you bi-lingual?  Multi-lingual?  Please help us get the Google docs video translated.  All you need is a dotSub account and a visit to the video's page (right side) to start the translation.  

Here's the video in the dotSUB player - you can click the arrows at the bottom to see other languages (once the translations are complete).