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Learn how to turn digital photos of your pets, friends, kids and even spouses into "Creatures" that can be shared online.  Wait, what? As any subscriber to our newsletter knows, at Common Craft, we love our dogs. Recently we noticed something: Common Craft Cut-outs and dog photos can easily be combined to create funny creatures.  “Maybe the Dragon” was the original. Our friends loved it: The more we played with the Cut-outs the more we laughed. It's so fun! Soon enough Bosco became a (somewhat... Continue Reading

How Constraints Help Common Craft Videos

Posted by: leelefever on November 14, 2011- 4:12pm

Topic: Common Craft Style

Categories: constraints, creativity, science


  Since our first video, Common Craft style has been defined by a specific set of materials and processes. You could say we work within a set of constraints.  While the word “constraints” sounds limiting, we’ve always found them useful and, paradoxically, liberating. According to the article linked below, there’s now a scientific explanation.   Johan Lehrer recently wrote an article called Need to Create? Get a Constraint wherein he looks at the results of psychological experiments that show... Continue Reading