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Student Video: Common Craft - "It's Funner!"

Posted by: leelefever on October 11, 2013- 12:38pm

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One of the things that makes us happy is knowing that teachers and students have been inspired by our work.  A couple of years ago we started to notice videos appearing on YouTube that students produced in class and called "Common Craft Style" videos. There are now over 2000 on YouTube. Yesterday I was browsing the videos and saw this one, which totally made our day: Reading in email? Watch the video here. This is one reason we started offering our Cut-outs and teamed up with GoAnimate - to... Continue Reading

How Constraints Help Common Craft Videos

Posted by: leelefever on November 14, 2011- 4:12pm

Topic: Common Craft Style

Categories: constraints, creativity, science


  Since our first video, Common Craft style has been defined by a specific set of materials and processes. You could say we work within a set of constraints.  While the word “constraints” sounds limiting, we’ve always found them useful and, paradoxically, liberating. According to the article linked below, there’s now a scientific explanation.   Johan Lehrer recently wrote an article called Need to Create? Get a Constraint wherein he looks at the results of psychological experiments that show... Continue Reading

One Producer's Perspective on Copying "Common Craft Style" Videos

Posted by: leelefever on August 21, 2011- 12:04pm

Topic: Common Craft Style

Categories: art, brand, inspiration, video


After noticing a Twitter conversation mentioning Common Craft, I met Chris Johnson of Simplifilm.   Last week Chris posted a blog post that provides a look at his position regarding Common Craft and Common Craft Style videos in the context of other producers. The post is called: Have Your Own Style (What Happens When We're Asked to Make a Common Craft Video).  Chris writes: They have their niche and nobody good would ever copy their style. Common Craft should be the only people that make a cut-... Continue Reading