Unleash the "Creatures" Lurking Around You This Halloween

Learn how to turn digital photos of your pets, friends, kids and even spouses into "Creatures" that can be shared online. 

Wait, what?

As any subscriber to our newsletter knows, at Common Craft, we love our dogs. Recently we noticed something: Common Craft Cut-outs and dog photos can easily be combined to create funny creatures. 

Maybe the Dragon” was the original. Our friends loved it:

Maybe the Dragon

The more we played with the Cut-outs the more we laughed. It's so fun! Soon enough Bosco became a (somewhat reluctant) vampire/devil:

Bosco Devil

Then an idea was born...

What if we created a LOT of these “Creature” Cut-outs and showed people how to create their own creatures? It seemed like a fun idea, so that’s what we did.

Introducing: The Common Craft Creature Guide

This online guide is free and provides step-by-step instructions for making Creatures using our Cut-outs with presentation software (PowerPoint or Keynote). It's easy!

We’ve created 120 new Cut-outs for this purpose.

From dragons and dinosaurs to pigs and goats, the new Cut-outs provide unlimited mix-and-match opportunities. We've focused on dogs, but you can create creatures from any digital photo of a pet, person or object. 

All Creature Cut-outs

All Creature Cut-outs are available within the Creature Guide and delivered as .ZIP files. You'll find:

All Creature Cut-outs are free for Common Craft members and available as a pack in the Cut-out Library. 

Get started at http://commoncraft.com/creatures.