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Beyond Message Boards - Ideas for the New Communities

Posted by: leelefever on May 7, 2007- 5:00pm

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It wasn't too long ago that online communities had a killer app - it was the message board. It was the Honeymooners of early television. When choice was limited, popularity grew around the best options of the time. Indeed, the friendly message board has been a bedrock of online community interaction - one of the original articles. These days however, the message board has competition in the effort for your community's attention. The central problem is the discussion format. Discussion is... Continue Reading

Microsoft is Serious About Blogging

Posted by: leelefever on September 28, 2005- 5:00pm

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been working with the folks at Microsoft, like Bill Reid, Korby Parnell and Jonathan Grudin, to learn more about blogging at Microsoft for a related project at the company. Here are some of my broad observations: Microsoft is serious about blogging. They have support from the very top and the biggest reason for the support is the increasing value of transparency and putting a human face on Microsoft. See this video of Steve Ballmer.   The demand comes from... Continue Reading

Global PR Blog Week 2.0 and Our Paper

Posted by: leelefever on September 19, 2005- 5:00pm

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Nancy White and I have been continuing our work on the March of Dimes "Share" online community. We're about to finish a second phase of updates- the last for a while. What a great project. We have been writing our story of helping to build the Share community over the last few weeks and were honored to have the paper invited to the Global PR Blog Week 2.0, going on this week. The paper is called: Surprising Partners: Adding Blogs to an Existing Non-Profit Community. You can read it, along... Continue Reading

Microsoft Blog Project

Posted by: leelefever on August 31, 2005- 5:00pm

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I’m just starting a new project that should be really interesting. I’m working with Bill Reid’s group at Microsoft, which does IT Solutions. Like so many other teams at the company, they are interested in using blogs as a way to support and connect more personally with customers. When we first started talking about the project, it was about using blogs as a feedback loop, where the blogs would facilitate customer feedback that could be used to improve products, in this case, IT... Continue Reading

Project Platform Wars

Posted by: leelefever on July 20, 2005- 5:00pm

Categories: opinion, ourwork, technology


This is a story about something that many of us are faced with – the dominance of the PC and the appeal of the Mac. I’ve worked on a project at a local Fortune 50 company on-and-off for over a year. When the project started, we all had PCs. We didn’t have a hard time getting onto the company Intranet, using VPN, sharing docs, etc. It worked pretty smoothly. Along the way, the team morphed and a Mac user came on. He struggled with integration, downloading multiple tools and using virtual... Continue Reading

We Made a Play

Posted by: leelefever on June 29, 2005- 5:00pm

Categories: event, ourwork, seattle


For the past year and a half, I’ve been working on a project within a big local company on an on-and-off basis. Despite being in an old and somewhat slow company, the project has been anything but. The manager of the project is a real visionary and takes great pride in defying convention. Here’s an example: Yesterday we (16 of us) gathered in a studio in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Our task, on the clock, was to create a play during the day and perform it for our friends... Continue Reading

What Would You Be Doing in 1905?

Posted by: leelefever on May 25, 2005- 5:00pm

Categories: ourwork, personal


In the last year I got a chance to participate in a two-day personal development workshop through a client. During the workshop it became obvious that I was very Internet-focused in my work and the question they asked was: “What would you be doing right now if we were living 100 years ago and the Internet didn’t exist?�? I think about this often. Here’s my answer: In 1905, I would be interested in radio and the telegraph. I might not have the radio technology at my fingertips, but I... Continue Reading

Why Did These Tools Make The Cut?

Posted by: leelefever on July 22, 2004- 5:00pm

Categories: cooltools, ourwork


For the past few weeks, I’ve been involved in creating prototypes for Intranet-based learning/communication tools (I know that is ambiguous). Anyway, we’ve put the prototypes in front of about 30 folks to gather feedback. This experience has given me a deeper perspective on the challenge before us. Here are some examples of what we hear: “If I’m going to use it, it has to fit into the way I’m working. It can’t ADD something else for me to do- I have too much to do. It has to... Continue Reading