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Good Interview with Peter Coughlan, IDEO

Posted by: leelefever on September 14, 2003- 5:00pm


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This interview with Peter Coughlan, by Mark Hurst of, provides a good look at the "broken" state of hospitals and how his company IDEO works with hospitals to improve. Having a Masters in Health Administration, I hold this stuff close to heart. I think there are incredible opportunities to help hospitals improve and I like the way Peter describes their process. Ordinarily the hospital spends a year or two in committee, create what they think is the perfect team process, and... Continue Reading

Online Business Basics

Posted by: leelefever on September 11, 2003- 5:00pm


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The Small Business Blog pointed me to an article that's about "Three Traits of Successful Websites. Since "success" is so subjective, I'd clarify this by saying that the article is about small commerce sites and what successful site owners have in common. While the themes are nothing revolutionary, I think they are certainly applicable and based on reality. They are:   Get started- even if it's not perfect Focus on your niche Model Success   With all the high-brow analysis out there, I... Continue Reading

Jio Ito: Jobs and the Strength of Weak Ties

Posted by: leelefever on August 17, 2003- 5:00pm


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In this entry Joi Ito describes how just hired two people from "IRC" a chat resources. Because they participated over time, he got to know them, became trustful of them and eventually hired them. I recently hired two people who were IRC regulars. I felt very comfortable after "getting to know them" over the last few months on IRC. Of course face to face meetings and interviews were essential, but the time spent with them on IRC really added to my ability to judge their character. His post... Continue Reading

Dan Gillmor: Interview in Online Community Report

Posted by: leelefever on July 31, 2003- 5:00pm


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Online Community Report: Interview with Dan Gillmore I really like these short and insightful interviews by Jim Cashel. In this one Dan Gillmore talk about the value of online communities, group interaction and weblogs. Some good quotes: What we need to see is a big company really open itself to what the Cluetrain guys were talking about: the market as a conversation. I just don't see it happening yet, but it will. Man, so true, the Cluetrain Manifesto first lit my fire for all this stuff... Continue Reading