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Site Note: Please Prove You Are Human

Posted by: leelefever on December 19, 2007- 4:00pm


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As Darren would say, this is a boring site note.  I have finally turned on Captcha for comments to blog posts.  This means that, in order to post a comment, you'll have to answer a simple question to prove you are human. I have a feeling you'll pass the test with flying colors. More than anything, I want to know if you have any problems with the system. Thanks. Updated: I'm testing a new system that I can't discuss right now (it's in private beta).  This means that you may not see the... Continue Reading

Bryght and Rain City Studios - Together at Last

Posted by: leelefever on November 20, 2007- 4:00pm


Categories: business, drupal, friends, vancouver


Have you even had two friends that you knew separately who fell in love and eventually moved in together, got married and created a great couple?  That's what I feel about the news that two of my favorite tech companies (and groups of people) are merging.  Rain City Studios is acquiring Bryght (Press Release) and I'm so excited about the news. Drupal worlds are colliding. I've been a member of the Bryght and Rain City fan clubs since 2005.  Bryght hosts (and supports) this site, Rain City... Continue Reading

Social Software Convergence

Posted by: leelefever on January 27, 2005- 4:00pm


Categories: community, drupal, socialdesign


I got a couple of pointers recently to really cool diagrams showing how groups of technologies and services could be combined to create a socially based system for education, learning, etc. Check out this diagram from Scott Wilson. He talks more about it here. Then there is this diagram of a system from CogDogBlog called Ocotillo. More information here. I'm starting to feel more and more confident that the most valuable systems in the future won't be using individual tools like blogs, wiki,... Continue Reading