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Getting Social with Bokardo Design and Ant's Eye View

In the last couple of weeks two people I know have made the jump into the independent world and I think we'll all be better off for it. Both are focused on the social side of the web and bring with them a ton of real world experience.

Jake "Community Guy" McKee, someone I've known for years and consider a great friend created Ants Eye View. Here's how Jake describes his services:

At Ant’s Eye View we concentrate on providing as many services as possible within a very small niche, namely online and offline social connection between company and consumer.

logo image I have no doubt that Jake will do well. And, man that is a cool logo.

Joshua Porter at Bokardo has become one of my favorite bloggers - he consistenly has pertinent, informed and smart things to say about social design. Josh recently created Borkardo Design, where he'll put his smarts to work. Here's how Josh described his services in a recent post.

I’m going to offer the exact services that I write about here at Bokardo: Interface design and strategy for social web applications. For those of you who have read Bokardo for a long time, nothing that I offer will be a surprise. I’m simply putting into practice what I’ve been preaching…so to speak.

Bokardo Design

Welcome to the independent world Josh and Jake. I'm sure you'll do wonderfully and I hope we can find ways to work together.