New Video: Web Conferencing and Webinars Explained

Thanks to the internet, a different kind of meeting is possible. Instead of attendees having to travel to meet, they can now participate in web conferences or webinars from anywhere with an internet connection. This type of meeting is becoming more popular and understanding it is an essential 21st-century skill.

This video explains the basics of web conferencing and how it’s used.

What it Teaches:

Meeting face-to-face is great, but it can be expensive and difficult to plan. That’s why web conferencing is becoming more popular. These systems allow a group to connect and share information using only an internet connection. This video explains the basics, It teaches:

  • Why face-to-face meetings are cumbersome and expensive
  • How web conferencing can be used to accomplish the same goals
  • How to create a web conference and invite attendees
  • What features are often used in web conferences
  • Why web conferencing can be more effective than normal meetings

Watch the Video

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An Update: Plagiarism Explained

Our video that explains plagiarism is one of our most popular and we saw an opportunity to improve the video's quality. Recently we created a cleaner, clearer and easier to understand version of the video. If you are a Common Craft member, you might consider switching to using the new version.

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