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Wiki and the Perfect Camping Trip

Posted by: leelefever on May 2, 2004- 5:00pm


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Updated: We have created a short (3:52) video called "Wikis in Plain English " that you might enjoy. It was inspired by the content of this post. This entry should provide an easy-to-understand (but fictional) example of a wiki at work for people new to the technology/concept. While this use of a wiki may be unconventional, I think it provides a foundation for understanding how wikis can be used to accumulate and organize group information. Background: My friends and I are going on a camping... Continue Reading

Wiki Creator Ward Cunningham on Wikis

Posted by: leelefever on April 30, 2004- 5:00pm


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[luvly] Talking to Ward Cunningham about wiki While I'm writing about wikis, I thought this fit well- it's a transcript of a call with Ward. I really liked some of the thoughts Ward has about wikis (go figure). I particularly liked his comparison of wikis to a fragile civilization... Civilisation is a construction of people that exists longer than anyone has a right to expect it to. I like walking in city parks, but they are very easy to destroy. And sometimes someone will come along in their... Continue Reading

Stowe Boyd: Wicked (Good) Wikis

Posted by: leelefever on February 24, 2004- 4:00pm


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I'm glad I got to meet Stowe recently after being a fan of his writing. Now it's nice to see him writing about the Tech-muck event and how we used a wiki there. Via: Ross Mayfield