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Wiki Creator Ward Cunningham on Wikis

[luvly] Talking to Ward Cunningham about wiki

While I'm writing about wikis, I thought this fit well- it's a transcript of a call with Ward. I really liked some of the thoughts Ward has about wikis (go figure). I particularly liked his comparison of wikis to a fragile civilization...

Civilisation is a construction of people that exists longer than anyone has a right to expect it to.

I like walking in city parks, but they are very easy to destroy. And sometimes someone will come along in their SUV and destroy one, but
we still build city parks. Just driving along, you can see how many buildings, how much of civilisation remains in one piece and working
when it could so easily be broken by a very few people.


I think that says a lot about how wikis can so easy be defiled by the public, but aren't in many cases. It also says something about what Ward thinks about SUVs.

Via: Richard MacManus' Linkblog