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A Problem with Embedded Videos

Posted by: leelefever on March 16, 2008- 5:00pm


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Here's a scenario: You create a video and upload it to a host like You Tube. People like it and want to share it on their blog. They grab the embed code and paste it into their blog. Sweet - your video is on multiple blogs! Then, you realize that the video has an error you need to correct. To do this, you need to delete the current video and upload a new one. Ack! When you delete a video, the embedded players stop working The bloggers now have a broken links and don't know why. So, you're... Continue Reading

TeacherTube: An Educator's Workaround for Online Video

Posted by: leelefever on December 6, 2007- 4:00pm


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It's easy to assume that YouTube and similar hosts are open to everyone but it's not the case for a lot of professionals.  We hear from people almost every day that need a way to access our videos off the web because their organizatio/school restricts access to websites like YouTube. We recently became aware of TeacherTube, which is a video sharing site that has become a workaround for educators who can't access YouTube videos on the web. Many schools may block YouTube, but allow access to... Continue Reading