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You Make Common Craft Possible - Thank You

Posted by: leelefever on November 26, 2013- 4:34pm

Topic: Holiday

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Not everyone knows that Common Craft is truly an independent, two-person operation. Sachi and I are Common Craft. We have no employees or investors. From answering support emails to drawing Cut-outs to editing videos, we do (almost) everything.      But it wouldn’t work without the attention and help of others. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’d like to extend a huge thank you to people that help make Common Craft tick. First, We couldn’t do anything without our members. Each time a person or... Continue Reading

How to Explain YOUR JOB at Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted by: leelefever on November 18, 2012- 3:41pm

Topic: Art of Explanation

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The story below is based on ideas from my book The Art of Explanation, now out in print and ebooks.  Perfect airplane reading!  You’ve been there before. You sit down to gorge yourself on turkey when the questioning starts.  Sitting across from you is Uncle Henry. He’s spry at 65, but is not so knowledgeable about technology.  He asks, “So tell me again what it is you do for a living?”  Your Mom hears the question and tunes in. “Yes, do tell!” she says, attracting the attention of everyone at... Continue Reading