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Lilipip Has Become What Now? Exactly!

Posted by: leelefever on April 2, 2012- 10:12am

Topic: Explainer Network

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For over two years a company called Lilipip has been a member of our Explainer Network of video producers.  Jen Zug and her team have run the show at Lilipip for while and now that Lilipip's owner has decided to pursue other things, the creative team decided to "keep the band together" and relaunch as a new company.  Their new company is called What Now? Exactly! and starting today, it will replace Lilipip on the Explainer Network.  We've always loved Lilipip's video explanations and expect... Continue Reading

Introducing: The Common Craft Explainer Network

Posted by: leelefever on November 16, 2008- 4:00pm


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A few weeks ago, we posted "Seeking Producers of Video Explanations" and wrote: We see an opportunity for a win-win.  Every day, we receive multiple emails from organizations that are looking for custom explanatory videos... The opportunity we see is to create a way, through our website, to help organizations find video producers who can be hired to produce custom videos. Since that time, we've been working on a project to bring this idea to life.  It's called the Common Craft Explainer... Continue Reading