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What is an Explainer?

An explainer is a person or organization that specializes in making complex ideas easy to understand. Often this work is accomplished with short, animated educational videos. 

How would I use an explainer video?

Most people use video explanations on websites and video sharing sites like YouTube.  These videos are often aimed at introducing a product or service to the world in a fun, interesting and understandable way. Imagine a video on your home page that helps visitors “get” what you do. Video explanations are also used for presentations, training and classrooms.

How long does it take to make an explainer video?

Explainer videos may look simple, but require significant time and effort to be effective.  Producers of explainer videos take the time to understand your goals and find creative ways to explain your product or service. Projects often take 3-8 weeks to complete, but each project is evaluated independently.

How much do explainer videos cost?

Prices for explainer videos vary and depend on a number of factors such as length and format. Most videos are priced in the thousands of dollars (US). 

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