Common Craft Custom Videos

Common Craft can create custom explainer videos for your organization.

We got started with explainer videos in 2007 and since then, have worked with the world's most respected brands on custom video projects. Our clients include Google, Intel, Microsoft, Ford, LEGO and many more. The video we made for Dropbox has earned over 30 million views.

In short, we have deep experience with custom explainer videos and wrote The Art of Explanation, the seminal book on the subject.

Our Specialty

As explainers, we are excited about education. We love projects that help an audience grasp a new or complicated idea with ease. Usually, Common Craft videos are designed to be under three minutes in duration and in Common Craft Style, which is our signature look and feel. Our videos are known for their simplicity and clarity.

Over many years, we worked with Intel to create multiple internally-focused videos that explained the company's compensation and benefits policies. Recently, we worked with the State of Hawaii on an eight video series explaining food safety and Good Agriculture Practices (GAP). Those videos were produced and translated into four languages. 

Our Process

We work with focus and efficiency. We've developed simple collaborative methods that guide clients through each phase:

  • Discovery - We learn about the subject that needs a better explanation
  • Script - We take the lead on drafting a script for the video
  • Storyboard - We create a storyboard presenting the visuals and script in each scene
  • Production - We animate the visuals and match them to the voice-over to create the final video
  • Post-Production - If needed, we can coordinate branding, translations, subtitles and more.

In most cases, single video projects can be completed within a month depending on the client's attention to the project. 

Our Dream Clients

While we're happy to discuss any kind of video project, we are most interested in internal communications at large organizations. Our dream client has a project leader who will be our point of contact. This person will have a clear picture of what subject(s) needs to be explained and for whom.

Next Steps...

We'd love to know more about your plans. Please tell us what you have in mind for your video subject, duration, audience, how you plan to use the video, etc. 

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"Lee LeFever and Common Craft helped us explain Dropbox to millions of people." - Drew Houston, CEO, Dropbox


"This is perfect. Thanks to both you and the team around it. It came out exactly as I had hoped it would thanks to your ability to listen to our input and translate that into your well working format." - Per Hjuler, LEGO