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Client Video: Ford Sync in Plain English

Posted by: leelefever on November 2, 2008- 4:00pm


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We were hired by Ford Motor Company and Social Media Group to produce this video about Sync - a Microsoft technology that uses voice activation to control cell phones and mp3 players. In learning about the technology, we became fans of Sync, especially now that you can get a ticket in Washington State for holding a phone while driving.  

Wikipedia and the Value of No Experts At All

Posted by: leelefever on January 17, 2008- 4:00pm


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My Dad has a saying about trying to get boys to do work.  "One boy is worth one boy, two boys is worth half-a-boy and three boys is worth no boys at all."When I look at Wikipedia with my plain English glasses, I think the same is true about experts. Look at it this way...Let's say you're trying to learn about digestion.  You can likely find an expert who can sit with you and make digestion very easy to understand. Now, lets say you're talking to two experts. Something changes - the experts are... Continue Reading

Help Translate the Google Docs Video on DotSUB

Posted by: leelefever on September 20, 2007- 5:00pm


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We've been friends and fans of dotSUB since we first started making video for The Common Craft Show.  They make it easy for videos to be translated into multiple languages via subtitles.  The RSS in Plain English video has been translated into 20+ languages on dotSUB. A truly useful and innovative service. I've gotten permission from the Google Docs team to share the Google Docs video on dotSUB so it's acessible for the hearing impaired and our non-English speaking friends. Are you bi-... Continue Reading

The Weblog Elevator Pitch- One Year Later

Posted by: leelefever on April 26, 2005- 5:00pm


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It was one year ago that I won my first contest as a writer. The challenge was to create the "perfect corporate weblog elevator pitch". It was put on by the folks at Weblogs Inc. via the Social Software Weblog and Judith Meskill. At the very least, I hope the little contest preserves a look at what people thought was an accurate summary of how blogs could be used inside a corporation. One day, people may say "that was sooo 2004". For now though, I still stand beind the pitch 100%. Here it... Continue Reading