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Welcoming Two New Members of the Explainer Network

We're so excited to have two new members of our Explainer Network of custom video producers. 

lilipip iconLilipip is a Seattle-based company that has been making videos for years. They're seeing new opportunities in the world of animated video explanations and we think they'll be a great fit for the Network.  From their listing:

We make animated videos about your product, service, or concept. We’re an “Open-Source Creative” team with transparent pricing and processes – featuring global artists with a wide range of styles. Follow Lilipip on Twitter.

Here is one of Lilipip's most recent videos:

animatedexplanations Animated Explanations is based in Brussels, Belgium and focuses on the European (and global) market for explanatory videos. They have extensive experience in making complex ideas easy to understand in video form and we're happy to have them in the Network. We're especially excited to have European representation in the Network. Follow them on Twitter @instruxion. From their listing:

Animated movies, interactive tutorials and instructional videos in attractive formats and any language.

Here's a sample:

How to find a new job using LinkedIn? - Animated Explanations


The Common Craft Explainer Network is a group of video producers that specialize in making custom explanatory videos. The Network currently has six members that represent a number of skills, styles and formats.  If that chunk of text on your home page just isn't doing the trick anymore, contact an Explainer Network member.