Video: Social Media and the Workplace - Explained by Common Craft

Today we’re publishing a new video called Social Media and the Workplace - Explained by Common Craft.  

Social Media Workplace Video

As so many of you know, Social Media and especially sites like Facebook and Twitter are changing the way that organizations think about external communication. Our goal with this video was to help organizations see how the environment is changing and highlight what they can do to be a productive part of it. This video uses an example that highlights a reaction to a crisis, but the message is meant to be applicable to any situation.

Like all Common Craft videos, this video was produced with educators and influencers in mind. It can be licensed for educational and corporate use.

We’d like to thank a few folks who gave us feedback on the video along the way. Jake McKee, Bill Johnston, Chris Brogan, Julie Szabo and Darren Barefoot, among others.

Watch the Video.