Two Interviews - Art Heroes Radio and New Media Radio Hour

Over the past week I've been fortunate to have been interviewed by a couple of great folks. 

Art Heroes Radio with John T. Unger (about 1 hour)

John and I go way back.  Well, as far back as SXSW three years ago anyway. John is best known for his fire bowls, but he does a lot of tech work as well. He's also really interested in the art community online, small business and making a living via art and creativity.  in the interview we talked a lot about the process of making a Common Craft video - what we think about and how we approach the ideas.  We also discuss our Explainer Network and working closely with those that some may call "competition."  I really enjoyed the time with John.


New Media Radio Hour with Rey Ybarra (about 30 minutes)

Rey Yberra is based in LA and has interviewed 100s of authors, business people new media pros.  Rey and I talked about the evolution of Common Craft and how we got started. We also talked about our goal of being a small company and looking for ways to scale our business without hiring a whole team. We also talked about why integrity is so important for a brand. Rey is a real pro and I really appreciate the interview. 


I really enjoy the interview format. If you like to interview me for your podcast or website, please just use the contact form to get in touch. Thanks.