Our New Adventure: The Common Craft Store

As I wrote recently, we've been thinking a lot about Common Craft's future.  In the coming year, Sachi and I want to make even more videos for you - videos that are useful, both on the Web and in the workplace. We've recently created a new resource that will hopefully help us get there.

Today we're announcing the roll out of an early version of The Common Craft Store.  It looks like this:

The Store is the home for "licensed versions" of our videos.  Licensed versions contain the same messaging and content as the free versions, but are improved for the workplace.

Some features:

  • Download video files immediately after purchase (credit card, paypal)

  • Higher resolution (640 X 480 - better for projection screens)

  • Less promotion (no Common Craft Show branding)

  • Provided in Quicktime (.mov) for Mac, and Windows Media (.wmv) formats

  • No DRM

  • Two Licenses:
                Individual - Unlimited use by an individual
                Site - Unlimited use for a single location of an organization

  • We have also re-edited and re-recorded the voiceovers for the RSS and Wiki videos.

The Store is a direct response to emails we receive nearly every day asking for permission to use our videos in the workplace.  By licensing our videos, we are removing any worries about permission and appropriate use.  Influencers and educators now have a resource for downloading and using the videos in presentations, meetings, Intranets, trainings, etc.

What about the free versions?

All of our videos will now be provided in two forms, Free and Licensed.  This may help:

We are committed to maintaining the free and open nature of our videos on the public Web.  The free versions will be provided under a Creative Commons 3.0 (non-commercial) license. These videos will continue to appear on the Common Craft Show, on video hosts like You Tube and will remain open for use by individuals, schools, non-profits, etc.

By opening the Store, we are creating a channel for professionals who need videos that are easier to access and more appropriate for use in professional/commercial situations.

Our hope is that the Store will allow us to focus more energy on producing videos for the Common Craft Show - videos that will be open to bloggers and the Web, but also for licensed use in the workplace.

If you have questions or concerns, have a look at the FAQ, the Licensing Agreement and the Privacy Policy.