Common Craft - (Nearly) A Year Later

It's been almost a year since we published our first paperworks video - RSS in Plain English in April of 2007.  Since that time, we've been watching every comment, every blog post and every email.  We are lucky to have fans like you that have shared our videos and helped us learn so much.

It's through watching these conversations that we've been able to see new ways for Common Craft to have a bigger impact in the next year.  We'll be more specific soon, but for now, I'd like to share some big picture perspectives on how we see you and ourselves. These perspectives will drive the changes you'll see in 2008.

Who You Are:

You're smart and ahead of the curve.  You want to help your co-workers, peers and students understand and get involved in the trends that are shaping business and society.  You need better tools for turning on those light bulbs. 

You aren't always the end user of Common Craft videos, instead you use them to inform and educate people around you.  They help you increase your influence and create change by introducing others to new trends and ideas.

Who Common Craft Is:

We want to help you be more influential. We believe that for change to happen, a growing number of people have to be aware and educated about the trends that are shaping our world.  Our goal is to provide you tools that will increase your ability to have a positive influence on others.  This is why our current focus is Social Media - it's a trend that is having an impact and creating change - yet remains misunderstood by many.


Our goal for the next year is to grow our library of videos we produce via The Common Craft Show. By growing this library, we can offer more resources on more subjects to more influencers and educators.  Of course, this requires more of our time - time that is often spent working on custom videos for organizations. We'll continue to do custom video work, but we also have plans that will allow us to spend more time on videos for you.

In preparation for this renewed focus, we hope you'll think about the subjects that would be most helpful for you.  Please contact us or leave comments with your ideas - we are always listening.