New Video: The Fediverse Explained by Common Craft

Over the past decade, social media has become centralized around a few big tech companies. New technologies and ideas are changing this environment by allowing apps and platforms to work together in a federation that provides more choice and flexibility. This new version of the social web is called ​The Fediverse​.

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The term 'Fediverse' refers to a fresh approach to the social web, derived from the words 'federated' and 'universe.' A key idea is the concept of federation: independent apps and platforms can now be connected by a new protocol. With the protocol in place, people and content can move across the fediverse, creating flexibility and choice. This decentralized model could become the future of online communities. This video teaches:

  • The drawbacks of centralized platforms
  • The essence of federation
  • Criteria for platforms to join the Fediverse
  • Navigating Fediverse apps and platforms
  • The significance of portability
  • The impact of established platforms embracing the Fediverse

Curious? Download this video's Lesson Plan: ​​Common Craft Lesson Plan - Fediverse

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