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Licensing Highlight: Verisign and Secure Websites

Verisign is one of the most trusted names in the web security world and they've become a great example of how Common Craft videos can be put to work to educate customers.  Web security is often taken for granted and many people and organizations don't really understand what makes a website secure, or how to tell. Our video makes it simple for non-techies.

Verisign and Common Craft

As you can see above, we've licensed our Secure Websites video to Verisign for use as part of the their SSL Information Center.  We worked with them to create a custom version of the video that includes their brand at the beginning and end. Any Common Craft video can be customized in this way.

I highlight this relationship because it's a great example of how Common Craft videos can be used as educational resources.  This video happens to explore web security, but the same situation could be true for banks who want to educate customers about Phishing Scams or the basics of Investing Money or tech companies that need to explain Cloud Computing to novice users.  Customized or not, our videos are built and licensed for these purposes.