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Today the nice folks at published an article that was based on an interview I did with them recently.  Sprouter is a resource for start-ups and the interview is focused more on the business of Common Craft than the explanations.  A sample:

LeFever believes the biggest lesson he’s learned from the process of building Common Craft is to invest in the future. “Every business needs cash flow and services (consulting, etc.) are a way to generate cash today. But you also have to be making investments in the future. This means creating intellectual property, products and/or business models that have the potential to pay off down the road,” said LeFever. “While it’s possible to be very successful in services, I think the challenge and biggest potential lies in creating products that can scale and produce income that’s not tied directly to man hours.

Read the article here.

Also, I'd like to note that the photo of me in the article is by Rasmus Rasmussen, a great photographer based in Seattle.