Interview with Nora Young on CBC Radio's Spark

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Nora Young, host of the CBC Radio Show Spark, which is described as "smart and unexpected trendwatching." The show airs tomorrow at 11:30 EST and 4pm EST on CBC Radio One.

Nora has been exploring the world of how-to videos and came across Common Craft. We talked about the elements of good explanations, why technology needs them and what's driving the growth of online how-to videos. Plus, she asks for an ad hoc explanation of podcasting (live explanation - yikes).  Show notes here.

You can download the MP3, subscribe to the podcast, or take a listen below. If you want to skip to my section, it starts about 3 minutes in. Big thanks to Nora and the CBC for a fun interview that I hope turned out well. Enjoy.