Custom Video: BitTorrent Explained

BitTorrent, which offers a faster way to download files from the Internet, has had a serious explanation problem.  It’s one of the most used and least understood products on the Web. After working with BitTorrent on a video, it’s easy to see why this is the case - the inner-workings of BitTorrent are complex. It exists in a world that defies comparison. Millions of users know it works exceptionally well, but explaining why and how it works is another story. 

This video was a challenge and we were lucky to have the time and attention of Brett Nishi, Product Director at BitTorrent, who served as our guide. It was a joy to work with Brett and we’re really excited to see how they’ve put the video to work on their website.

Here’s how the company has integrated the video into

BitTorrent Front Page

Watch the video at

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