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Common Craft is 5!

It's true, Common Craft (the company and blog) is 5 years old today, or sometime around now.  I recently went back to the very first blog posts I wrote in 2003.

One of first was called "My Intentions for this Weblog" of June 24, 2003. Here are two quotes:

This weblog will be written in the language of a lay person. I feel strongly that a key to my success is being able to relate technology and technical concepts to people that are not educated or well-versed in technology. I think that the language of technology is very much focused on technologists. My goal is to make communication technology easy to understand for people like my Mom.


Lastly, my overall and far-reaching goal with this weblog is to increase the understanding and acceptance of the Internet as a communication tool. There is a world of people and organizations that are looking for ways to use the Internet to work and communicate better and I want this site to help them see new opportunities.

I honestly didn't realize that these things were such a big part of my plans 5 years ago.  Truthfully, I don't see much change in the next 5 either. 

This birthday post at 2 years is one of my favorites too.