My Intentions for This Weblog

I was inspired by a recent post at titled “My obligation to you�?. It was a bit of a rant about how the site is his to do with what he pleases (apparently people have been telling him what to write). It inspired me think about how I intend to use this weblog...

This weblog is the voice of me as a professional. Being a professional, I have a niche and this weblog is related directly to that niche- it represents the thoughts, ideas and observations that make up what I know about my profession. I don’t claim to know it all and I will likely be wrong or misinformed from time-to-time. I am a person and I will make mistakes- I just hope that readers will help me learn when I am wrong or inconsistent.

This weblog will be a resource for people that are interested in discovering, implementing and managing online communication tools. You won’t find a lot of information about my dog, a new restaurant in Seattle or rants about my personal life. This site is focused on my profession- it is my way of providing information for professionals like me. If you want to know about me personally, go to

This weblog will be a networking resource for me and its readers. I want visitors to leave comments and send emails. I want discussions to occur regarding what I post. I want visitors to get to know one-another through these discussions.

This weblog will be written in the language of a lay person. I feel strongly that a key to my success is being able to relate technology and technical concepts to people that are not educated or well-versed in technology. I think that the language of technology is very much focused on technologists. My goal is to make communication technology easy to understand for people like my Mom.

This weblog will be a repository for my thoughts, opinions and knowledge. I will not hoard what I know and I will try to remain as unbiased as possible in what I write. Of course, I am motivated to promote my services and any reader of this site should be aware that one of my goals is to generate business for Common Craft.

Lastly, my overall and far-reaching goal with this weblog is to increase the understanding and acceptance of the Internet as a communication tool. There is a world of people and organizations that are looking for ways to use the Internet to work and communicate better and I want this site to help them see new opportunities.