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To My Weblog, On Your Birthday

Dear Weblog,
When you came into the world two years ago today, I had the highest of hopes. With some help from friends, you came out looking and working just like I wanted. At the time I had no idea of the part you would play in building Common Craft.

When we started, we didn’t have many friends. But, what we did have was focus, ideas and a love for writing. I knew that if we could focus on a niche and make friends with other weblogs in that niche we would go places. Your good looks and liberal use of links got us started on the right foot.

You have a power that you don’t realize. You enable me to put new things into the world any time I want. Your RSS feeds and links take my words and put them in front of new people everyday. From the beginning, I knew that if this happened enough, clients would find us and you would have earned your keep. That’s how you roll.

While we’re still only getting started, I want you to know that our plan has worked. Posts like this and this have hooked us up with companies like Geffen Records and not-for-profits like the March of Dimes. I could not have made these connections without you, honestly.

On top of new clients, we’ve made lots and lots of new friends all over the world. Thanks to you, I can be a real person on the Web, a person that people get to know and interact with. You are a reflection of me and one that engages people with whom we have many things in common. You are a platform for new friendships too.

If I neglect you in the next year or two, please don’t be upset. It’s not you, it’s me. Technorati may say that you’re #1958 right now, but in my mind you’ll always be #1 – remember that.