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New Video: Intellectual Property

Posted by: leelefever on June 4, 2015- 10:19am

Topic: Common Craft Video

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This video hits close to home. Like many of you, we depend on intellectual property laws. They are essential tools for helping creators build their careers and own the work they create. Unfortunately, the meaning and intent of the laws can be difficult to understand. We made this video to help others understand the basics and why the laws matter. Here are the highlights: About This Video This video follows the story of a creative and talented woman named Candice who plays music, invented a new... Continue Reading

New Video: Copyright and Creative Commons

Posted by: leelefever on February 7, 2012- 10:04am

Topic: New Video

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Today we’re announcing a new video: Copyright and Creative Commons - Explained by Common Craft.   Watch it now. One of the exciting things about having Common Craft members is working with them on ideas for future video titles. We provide them tools for suggesting and voting on future titles and this idea came directly from the members. Yaay! About the video: This video tells the story of a photographer who learns the basics of copyright law and creative commons licensing. Her story... Continue Reading