New Video: Intellectual Property

This video hits close to home. Like many of you, we depend on intellectual property laws. They are essential tools for helping creators build their careers and own the work they create.

Unfortunately, the meaning and intent of the laws can be difficult to understand. We made this video to help others understand the basics and why the laws matter.

Here are the highlights:

About This Video

This video follows the story of a creative and talented woman named Candice who plays music, invented a new instrument and created a new business. Using copyright, patent and trademark laws, she learned to how to protect and build a business from her creations. It teaches:

  • Why intellectual property is different from physical property
  • The risk of not establishing and protecting ownership
  • Why copyright law matters in selling and managing your creative works
  • Why patent law matters in protecting your inventions Why trademark law matters in protecting your brand

How to Use This Video

This video is designed to introduce and explain intellectual property laws in about three minutes. It's designed to get students and up to speed quickly regarding an essential part of creative life. 

Watch it now